The Big Paradox

Link Description
Notes for you Notes For You   -   I sit down at the piano now and then, sometimes every day, and I play some simple improvisations, for a few minutes, and I record it and store the music here as MP3-files so that you can listen to it.
Randomusic - register interest Randomusic is a computer program that creates its own improvisations on piano or any other instrument. Combining the power of chaos, randomness, and music theory, the program takes you on a journey to the thrilling rand of music.
Suggestion Do you want to change something in your life? Do you want a deeper insight into yourself? Order your own specially made suggestion. I produce suggestions which are about 5 minutes long, in English or Swedish.
Check My Site Welcome to Check My Site, the program that will keep you informed about the state of your web site. Once every 30 seconds it checks a page of your web site and reports back to you or anyone of your choice if there is any problem.
DayChess Welcome to DayChess. On this site you can play chess with other members on a day to day basis. This site is under construction, but join now and get contacted soon when site is ready.
MindCards On this site you can learn a technique to memorize the order of a shuffled deck of playing cards.
PhotoMind On this site you can learn a technique to memorize the random placement of a number of symbols on a board.
Fun mathematics Mathematics is fun! Calculate amount of white and red wine, and play Nim!
Undervisning i matematik I teach mathematics. Site is in Swedish.
Jag undervisar i matematik på gymnasienivå (men även grundskolenivå går bra) vardagkvällar eller helger i lokal som du ordnar.
Pi The first 100,000 digits of Pi.
Memorizing 10,000 digits of Pi My blog about memorizing 10,000 digits of Pi.
Day of week Practice finding the day of week for any date, also a link to a description of a good method for doing it by mental arithmetics.
The Smart Heart Art.
The Water-Calculator or Water-Plotter See how water by its flow through simple geometry can "calculate" or "plot" a circle.
"Automatic sentence generation. Let the computer say what it thinks - online web service. Try it out. Fun!
Solitair (solitair.exe och alert.wav) The computer plays very many games of solitair until it solves it.